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Digitech JamMan Solo XT

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Digitech JamMan Solo XT chez Thomann

Digitech JamMan Solo XT

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Digitech JamMan Solo XT, stereo phrase looper, 35minutes loop recording in stereo and CD quality in 200 internalmemory locations, with optional SDHC card can capacity be expandedto include over 16 hours of CD-quality in 200 external memorylocations, seamless loop transitions, hands-free function,synchronization of multiple JamMan ® Solo XT pedals tocreate multi-layered loops or common looping with other musicians,USB connection for perfect organize and archive the loops with theJamManager Loop Librarian software, import music from CD or MP3player via aux input, change the loop speed without changing thepitch, metronome function with several rhythm sounds in differenttime signatures, solid metal housing, additional availablefootswitch for hand-free function (D IT A FS 3X) #185229, incl.power supply (D IT A PS 0913 DC).


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