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Ketron USB & SD CardReader SD/SD1Plus

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Ketron USB & SD CardReader SD/SD1Plus chez Thomann

Ketron USB & SD CardReader SD/SD1Plus

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Ketron USB & SD Card Reader for SD/SD1Plus,Floppydrive replacement, USB reader for Pen Drives, SD CARDS andindependent USB peripheral units, to manage Midifiles,Registrations, Styles and all the other files supported by theKetron products, you can also play back audio files such as Waveand MP3 directly from a USB Pen Drive, SD CARD ( audio/midi player)and independent USB self powered peripheral units, new operatingsystems, which you can download free of charge from our, USB & SD CARD READER manages SD CARDS withmaximum capacity of 32GB, USB Pen Drives, currently on themarketplace, and also other independent USB peripheral units withFAT formatting, Attention! Before installation, backup the internalhard disk! Internal hard disk and card reader do not work together!Card reader replace hard disk!


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